How to Treat Your Sunburnt Skin

First off, yesss...I am still alive! Sorry, I have been MIA as of lately but I've been a busy bee.

As for the CSN Stores and Skin Care Rx Giveaways, I just want to quickly thank those who have participated....Congrats to the winners, Colleen and Victoria!

Now onto my thought of the day, after spending a considerable amount of time out in the sun these past couple of months, I've encountered a sunburn or two. Spending a few hours outdoors may be fun, but that can equate to days of misery if I forget the sunblock- especially since I have fair, sensitive skin. So I did my digging online and I found a few helpful tips to treat your burns (courtesy of Wikihow):

  • Use the succulent aloe vera plant. Cut it down the length of the leaf and open it, revealing the inner portion of it. Rub the clear gelatinous part, over the burned area. Repeat as often as you like.
  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing that will not irritate the affected areas.
  • Noxema facial cleanser, sold in blue tubs, is extremely effective at removing the heat and the sting from a bad sunburn. Rub as much as possible onto the burned skin. Do not wash off; allow to soak in. Reapply as often as possible.
  • Use a cool, damp cloth with skim milk and rest it on the spots where you are burned. The coolness takes out the initial fire, and the milk creates a protein film that helps ease the ensuing discomfort.
  • You can also try taking a bath with green tea. The tannin in the tea draws out some of the pain and can soothe the redness.
  • Hyrdrate your body!....Drink water, juices, etc.
  • Above all, the next time you are in the sun, Wear sunscreen!
So, enjoy the hot (and sometimes disgusting) temperatures....but remember to keep your skin safe and lather on the sunscreen!