Happy New Year

Just wanted to make a quick post to say....


Have a great night ringing in 2010 and be safe!

<3, Little Miss Savvy


Review: Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Toner

I purchased the Lettuce & Cucumber Toner by Skin Food a month or so ago from Sasa.com. It costs about $13 (they were offering free shipping at the time). Before this, I had been using L'Oreal Hydrafresh Toner- I wasn't completely satisfied with it but I had never really found a toner I really loved. When I began using the Skin Food toner, I immediately noticed a difference. Other toners left my skin feeling clean yet dry, which is a problem for me in the winter. This toner made my skin feel refreshed. It's light and not too heavy so it doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin completely. The product's consistency is different from most traditional 'watery', liquid toner. It has a thicker, more gel like consistency. It also has a nice cooling effect (maybe the cucumber part?). I'm glad I stumbled upon this toner- it leaves my skin feeling clean and clear without drying it out.

My only problem with this product is the packaging. The bottle opening has a stopper with hole in the middle- where the product is meant to come out. However, because of the thicker consistency of the product, this makes it different to get the product out of the bottle. I've had to shake the bottle up and down with force before I got it onto a cotton ball (and even then it was barely enough). Maybe this is a way to make you use the right amount of product each time? I'm not sure but I am thinking about removing the stopper to make things easier.

Overall, I'm really liking this but I have to give it a few more tries. I'm not too excited about the price- it costs $13, without shipping. I'm also not sure if you can find Skin Food in the US, does anyone know?

Thanks! - Little Miss Savvy


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope your holidays are filled with warmth, laughter, and love.

Enjoy the holidays!


Victoria's Secret Reward Card Giveaway

Good news to all those who, like me, love to shop online. The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale has already begun online today. It won't hit stores until early January. I have a couple VS Secret Rewards Cards lying around from purchases I made last month. They are worth $10 each. Since I won't be needing them, I'd like to give them away to you guys. Just leave a comment with your name and email address. I will pick two random people by tomorrow, December 23rd, 8PM EST. They are valid for use through Christmas Eve. Since they are expiring soon, I won't be able to physically mail the cards. They will only be valid online.

Update: Congrats Christine and Dianna, I have emailed you guys with more info. To everyone else, thanks for entering- I will have more giveaways in the future so look out for that.


Simple Eye Look with Urban Decay's "Get Baked"

I recently purchased this "Get Baked" palette by Urban Decay from Sephora. It features four eye shadows and also comes with a mini UDPP in Sin and a 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon. I've been wanting to try these products for awhile and Sephora was selling it on special for $18 so it sounded like a great deal. I've been playing around with it and decided to put a look together for you guys. Everything I'm using can be found in this set (aside from mascara). It's really simple and easy with a pop of color... enjoy!
Products I used:
1. Urban Decay Get Baked Palette
2. UDPP in Sin
3. 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon
4. E.LF. Studio Eye liner brush
5. E.L.F Studio Contouring Brush
6. Revlon Eyeshadow Brush
7. Maybelline Telescopic Mascara
8. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Keep in mind that you don't have to use these exact items. They're easy replaceable by whatever you have in your collection.

1. Apply primer to your eyelids and smooth out with your finger.
2. Apply "Baked" or Gold Eyeshadow all over your lid with brush

3. Apply "Twice Baked" or any shimmery deep brown shadow to to outer half of your lid.
4. Using a brush, blend the two colors together

6. Smudge a dark brown eyeliner into your lash line.
7. Wet your eyeliner brush, pack on "Flipside" or a teal eyeshadow and apply to your lower lash line.

8. Apply Mascara
9. Curl your lashes (this step is not necessary)

And Voila! 9 easy steps and you're done.

Hope this was helpful!
Until next time... Little Miss Savvy


One Year Mark!

I've reached the one year mark of of my blog officially today! YAY! It's been a shaky year with blogging. I love it, I do but sometimes I find it hard to keep up between school, work, family, friends, etc. I took a hiatus for a few months- had a great summer, just finished off the fall semester, and now I'm back in NYC enjoying the holidays. In the mist of it all, I've been planning to come back to my blog. Now that I'm home and have extra time on my hands, I've decided to pick it back up. Thank you all who have been reading since the beginning and waited so patiently for updates. I'm back and hopefully, this time it will be for good (I'll make a conscious effort, I promise!!). I'm also sporting a new layout, I've been playing around with it for a bit and now I think I'm happy with how it looks. Tell me what you guys think!

Moving on...if you're a Beauty Insider at Sephora, you might have received a $15 Gift Card through your emails. Here's what I bought with mine:

Sephora by O.P.I.'s Metro Chic. And yes, with it came 25+ sheets on tissue paper. Sephora, care to be a little more green in the future? (By the way, the color is gorgeous!)

I also stopped by my local Rite Aid and picked this up...

Isn't it cute? It's an EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. Nothing will ever compare to Burt's Bees in my book but I'm also a sucker for nice packaging.

Have a great weekend all!
- Little Miss Savvy


A Few of My Favorite Things...

Since the Holiday season is in full swing, I thought I'd post up a few things that I am currently in love with. These are just some items that I either always have in my bag, wear a lot, or am constantly reaching for. I thought that since I love them so much, someone you know might enjoy them too- or even yourself. So here they are...

Rose Salve- Rose Salve is a great multipurpose 'ointment' for chapped lips, dry skin, etc. This particular one by C.O. Bigelow has a very subtle hint of pink. When you apply it to your lips, it gives is a nice glossy and flushed look. I purchased this tin over a year ago at Bath and Body works for $5.50- I use it constantly and still have so much left! Another great one is Smith's Rosebud Salve that you can find at Sephora (I believe it's a couple dollars more expensive though).

Infinity Scares- I bought this particular infinity scarf from H&M for $9.95. I love infinity scarves because they're so warm and chunky. It's a giant loop and you can play around with for different looks- wrap it around 2 times, 3 times, etc. It's also great for those of us who find it hard to tie our scarves properly. Anyway you wear an it, it falls on your neck nicely without much effort.

My makeup bag- So I was browsing around the Target $1 section and found this adorable croc-inspired, patent makeup bag. It's not too big which is the perfect size for me since I don't carry a lot of my makeup around. It can also double as a wristlet for nights out. And best of all, it was only a dollar!

Matte Eyeshadows- When I first started using makeup, I loved big, bold, and lots of SHIMMER. After some experimenting, I've come to realize that less is more. While I do still love my flashy eyeshadows, I think a nice matte eyeshadow can go a long way- it enhances our eyes without bringing in too much unwanted attention. I particularly love these Revlon matte shadows- I purchased them at CVS when they were having a BOGO sale.

Booties for Home- I am always cold so wintertime is problematic for me. I always layer up when I go outside- sweater, coat, gloves, hat, scarf, etc. But when I'm a home, it's uncomfortable to wear so much. I found these booties at Charlotte Russe for $15. They're lightweight and comfortable so you don't feel like you're wearing a lot. They also keep my little feet nice and toasty.

Orangina- As you can tell from my empty bottle, Orangina is one of my favorite drinks. Light, crisp, bubbly, and refreshing- YUM! (It may be hard to find, but if you're in NYC, you can pick some up at Dean and Deluca)

What are some of your favorite things?
-Little Miss Savvy


Celeb Style: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Here's a celeb that I really adore: Sarah Michelle Gellar. I've loved her ever since her Buffy: The Vampire Slayer days. She's gorgeous, can kick-ass, has a cute husband, and always has great style. Here's a look for her that is very chic and casual- it's also really easy to pull off with things you can already find in your wardrobe. If you're looking to go out and purchase these items, here are some more affordable pieces that look just as great:

Throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses and you're ready to go!

P.S. Doesn't she look great after just having a baby!?!


Blast from the Past: Maybelline Kissing Stick

So I love anything retro or vintage. I found this cute commercial the other day so I thought I'd share. It's for Maybelline Kissing Stick, shot in 1977. Seems so fun, like the Lip Smackers of the 70's. Wonder what happen to them?

-Little Miss Savvy

Review: E.L.F Studio Brushes

I'm sure you've all heard many times about Eye Lips Face and their $1 cosmetics. I've been a customer of theirs for a while and I thought it was time that I put in my two cents. Back when E.L.F first started, I heard horror stories about how bad their shipping was- orders would arrive 3 months later, products would be missing from the shipment, etc. So obviously, the first time I ordered early this year, I was definitely reluctant but hey, their products are CHEAP so there's nothing really to lose. I had no problems with their shipping- they have fixed all of the kinks. I tried a few products from their regular line that are all a buck- their eyeshadow brush is really great for the price but as for the other products in the line, you basically get what you pay for. A few months later, the Studio Line came out and I decided to try that too. At $3, it is a bit more pricey but I have fallen in love with a couple of the brushes. Here's the rundown:

E.L.F Studio Line Powder Brush- LOVE...If you purchase anything from the Studio Line, this is the thing to get. It is a flat top, taklon brush. Even though it is only $3, it is supper soft and great quality. It is very versatile- I use it to buff in my mineral makeup and apply bronzer as well. I currently have two of these in my brush collection and another two for backup. I use them practically everyday.

Complexion Brush- Along with the Powder Brush, this is definitely on the top of the list for Studio Line brushes. It is very soft as well and great for applying blush. I find that it fits the apple of my cheek perfectly and applies just the right amount of color. Also great for bronzer.

Both the Powder and Complexion Brush come with a 'brush guard', which makes traveling with it very easy. I also use the concealer brush, eyeliner brush, and contouring. They are all great brushes (though not must buys in my opinion). I have also purchased other things from the Studio Line that haven't really impressed me- for example, some of the eyeshadows have no color payoff at all. For a safe bet, stick with the brushes. They are some of the best quality ones that you will find for a low price. Also. E.L.F frequently offers 50% off their products (Check out retailmenot.com for up-to-date codes). Hope you like them as much as I do!

for more imformation about these products, visit www.eyeslipsface.com

- Little Miss Savvy


Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Stand

Throughout my shopping these past couple of months, I've been keeping an eye out for things I could use as presents. One of the things I've come across are jewelry stands. I think they make great gifts for any female friend, sister, co-worker, etc. For one, they're completely practical- I hate when I get a gift that I have no use for (if you're not a significant other, you shouldn't be getting someone a stuffed animal). I've been collecting jewelry over the past couple of years and a jewelry stand has made everything so much more easier and organized. Second, a jewelry stand can also be a great decoration piece for any room- there are some really beautiful ones out there. And lastly, they're affordable- you can buy one for under $30. Check out the ones below from Urban Outfitters:
Another great place to find jewelry stands is on Ebay, where you can find some for under $15.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

December 17th: Free Shipping Day!

Great news for all those who like to do their Holiday shopping online: On Thursday, December 17, 2009, 677 merchants will be offering free shipping with delivery by Christmas Eve. As stated on the website, "The Free Shipping Day promotions for participating merchants will be revealed on Thursday, December 17 at 12:00AM EST. Some merchants may have minimum order restrictions. More than half will have free shipping on all orders." This is a great way to beat the lines and shop from the comfort of your own home in your PJs :). Looking forward to it!

for more information about which stores will be participating, visit http://www.freeshippingday.com/


Review: LuShae Jewelry

I recently received an invitation to try out and review jewelry from a new store, LuShae Jewelry. (Please note that my review below is my honest opinion of the product). The website features a modest selection of rings, earrings, and pendants. Since I was in need on new stud earrings, I decided on the Sterling Silver Round Cut. Ordering and shipping was hassle free- I was able to track my order which came in about a week. When it came, it was packaged very nicely in its own jewelry box. I was actually really impressed with the quality of it- it is a 3 carat Cubic Zirconium as stated on the website. I'm am by no means an expert on jewelry but I was really happy with the craftsmanship of the product- it is definitely durable and will last quite a long time. I think jewelry is one of those things you can splurge a little on- I use to get all of mine from stores like Forever 21 but then I realized if I spend a bit more on some classic pieces such as stud earrings or a pearl necklace, it would be worth it and last a lot longer. If you're on a budget, I would recommend to accessorize from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters, etc. I have done so for many years- the low prices has allowed me to switch up my look everyday! But if you have a little more money to spare and are looking for a timeless piece of jewelry that you could always wear, I would recommend these earrings from LuShae Jewelry. At $65, it is not really in the price range for a budget shopper but worth a look for everyone else.

for more information about LuShae Jewelry, visit http://www.jewelryartdesigns.com/


Deleted Blogroll

So sadly enough, I somehow deleted my blogroll by accident (I'm such a klutz!). If you were on there or would like to be, please leave me a comment! Thanks!


Sasa Haul

Awhile back, I got an offer from Paypal: $20 cashback if I shopped at select stores, Sasa being one of them. Before this I had never heard of Sasa before but I asked around and a couple people told me it was the "Sephora of Asia". I love Sephora so this really excited me. Their website has tons and tons of items, both higher and lower end, so it took me awhile to look through it all. I decided to stick with the Asian brands and things that I wouldn't be able to get in the US. So here are the things that I chose.....

I got two Papier Poudre Oil Sheets. They are made in Great Britain and had great reviews. And on top of that they only 80 cents each!

Next up, I needed a new toner. There were a bunch of brands I had never heard of so I decided to go with something familar: Shiseido deLuxe Moisturizing toner. I haven't tried it yet but it smells great. Price: $7.50
I had come across this blush on someone else blog and instantly fell in love. It's BeautyMaker Kevin Love PuPu Cheek in Pink ($10.20). I am a sucker for cute packaging so I had to get it even though I have 375482075893475 blushes already. Although the size was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, the packaging itself is just too adorable, reminds me of Hello Kitty. The blush itself is also great- it looks very pink in the pan which scared me a little when I looked at it. However, when I applied it, it gave me a great pink flush. A definite buy!

Lastly, I need something to past the $20 mark so I could use the paypal coupon so I got a set of the Eyebrow Razor by Cosme. I had seen a few gurus on youtube use it. I tried it and its great for trimming down your eyebrows a little. And it isn't weird or scary at all to put a razor that close to your eye.

Sasa also had a another promotion going on: Free shipping for those who pay with paypal and a free cookie compact mirrow. So after all the promotions, I ended up getting all these for less than a $1. Needless to say, I'm a happy girl!



88 Piece Warm Shadow Eye Palette


I had been eying a similar palette on Coastal Scents for some time now. I was Ebay browsing one day and found this. I couldn't resist and finally caved. It looks very similar to the Coastal Scents palette (I suspect it might be the same thing!). Tried a couple colors today and the payoff is great! (Definitely use with a primer though). It is selling on Ebay for $9.99 plus $8.98 for shipping (it ships from Asia so shipping will take awhile). At around 19 bucks, it is at least $6 cheaper than the Coastal Scents palette. Going to go and play around with it, more reviews to come!

P.S. I'm shopping around for a new camera, any suggestions?



Between school and a broken camera, I find it more and more difficult to keep up with this blog. But rest assured, there will be more Little Miss Savvy posts to come! I really would love to post more pictures of things I buy that I really like and have more reviews, but the flash on my camera is broken so all I have are really dark pictures....(damn Sony! I think it is time I invest in a Canon). I'm still trying to get it fixed but I spoke with a Sony rep and he told me to send it in to the repair center for $91 (!?!?!?) Yea...so I'll definitely be weighing out my other options....

Aside from that, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on some deals lately.

From Steve Madden. I'm not sure when this ends. I'm guessing in the next couple days or so. I ordered a really great pair of grey suede boots for only $48 (regular $199). Pics to come!

Also, most you probably know already but Cherry Culture is have free shipping on all orders (US only). I placed an order for two shadows from NYX (black and apricot moose). I'm contemplating purchasing more but I think it's time I try to exhibit a little more self control. Butttt, in the event that I can't, I would love to know what colors you guys recommend from NYX so shoot me comment.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!


Review: Shoes on a Shoestring

I've been on the hunt for these boots ever since I saw them on the most addictive site ever, soompi (shoutout to fellow soompiers!). I found them in January on this site call shoesonashoestring.com. They were 49.50 (+ $8 shipping) at the time so I was a little hesitant to get them. But then I noticed they were "yellow tag"- which means that those items are discounted at the first of every month until they sell out. So either you can wait til its cheaper and risk the item selling out in your size or just buy it. I waited a couple weeks and once February 1st came, the price dropped to 27.50!!! I was beyond thrilled and purchased them right away. Service and shipping was flawless- received the item about a week later. And I have been absolutely in love with these boots since I got them. Shoes on a Shoestring has a great selection of boots on yellow tag right now so check it out! I suggest waiting a few months to see how cheap these boots actually get. Maybe you can start stocking up for next winter!


Review: Pur Minerals

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for being MIA but I'm officially back!

I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite purchases of the new year: Pur Minerals

I had heard great things about Pur Minerals from various bloggers and just word of mouth. I have incredibly sensitive skin so one of the things that drew me to Pur Minerals is that its just "pure pigments from minerals"- no chemicals. So I bought the starter kit for 20% off during an ULTA sale, while it normally retails for $35.

Here is what the starter kit comes with:

4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup: I cannot say enough great things about this. I generally have pretty clear skin so I don't usually use foundation. This is the perfect alternative for me. Very sheer coverage that is just what I need. It covers up my redness and blackheads (eccckkk) flawlessly. So much so that I don't even need concealer.

Mineral Glow: Good product, though I could live without it. It gives me a very slight bit of glow/bronze, but then again, nothing spectacular.

Universal Marble Powder in Pink: My second favorite product in the starter kit. I love the rosy color of this blush. And supposedly, can be worn on cheeks, eyes, and lips too.

Chisel Makeup Brush: Very good brush, would be better if it was a bit softer. However, its a great sturdy brush that applies the mineral makeup very well. Hasn't shed one bit and I love the clear handle.

Yes, $35 doesn't exactly seem like a bargain. But think about it, you're getting 4 different products. And also, the brush itself retails for $22 dollars! One of the drawbacks though is that the makeup products are travel size so you're not getting the regular amount of product. However, it's still a decent size. Overall, I think this is a great kit. I've been using it everyday since I got it and I'm absolutely in love with it.

P.S. The starter kit is being sold on HSN.com for $29.50. Look for a 15% coupon, as HSN usually has those. HSN doesn't carry the full line of shades so definitely check out the Pur Minerals website first.


Fashion at the Golden Globes

Yay, awards season!!

I spent my Sunday night watching the Golden Globes. I love the show itself, seeing who won what and listening to the great speeches. But lets face it, half of the fun is the red carpet. Here are some of my favorites from the night:

Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent
Just impeccable, simple yet sophisticated.
Eva Mendes in Dior
Love the dramatic bow and the turquoise necklace adds a great pop of color
Sandra Bullock in Dior
Fun and flirty ruffles and beautifully draped at the top
Eva Longoria in Reem Acra
Fits her perfectly...amazing color in a sea of neutrals

And now here are some looks I didn't enjoy so much...

Demi Moore in Dior
Love the dress, just not so much on her
Blake Lively in Nina Ricci
Dress looks too tight and the hair looks a bit too casual
Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera
Just something I don't like...maybe its the dress or the crazy hair
Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive
Hate to say this but I expected something more from her. Maybe a bold statement necklace could have made her stand out more

Overall, the dresses looked amazing...and the guys didn't look so bad themselves :)

And a BIG congrats to Kate Winslet (one of my favorite actresses) for taking home not one but two Golden Globes last night. Finally! It was about time.


What Not to Buy: Avon Mini Glimmersticks

I made a purchase at Avon recently during their big end-of-the-year clearance/sale/etc. I usually love Avon. Their products are cheap, decent quality, and not tested on animals...what more could a girl ask for? What caught my eye were these "Mini" Glimmersticks. It had great reviews (which now I am starting to suspect are fake, who knows?) and cost only 69 cents. Wow, I thought, what a steal. So I bought two, one in brown and the other in blue, thinking I had just scored the deal of the year. A few days later my shipment arrived and out came this...

Yes, that is the actual size of the product next to my pinkie. And I do have small hands. When they said "mini", that's quite an understatement. I didn't know that they actually meant one time use. They were .0014 oz each. I think most samples are bigger than that. The quality of the product (which is nothing to rave about) doesn't make up for the size either.

Well, after I got over the initial shock of how microscopic my new eyeliner was, I remembered why I bought it in the first place: 69 cents. Yup, no harm done to my bank account. And I guess it would be a good travel size item?