Bandolino: Take Additional 30% off

I love shoes. Pair that with a great deal and I'm in heaven. I went into Bandolino yesterday (for you New Yorkers, there is a store on 43rd and Madison). They were having an amazing sale. Shoes were already marked down about 50% and they were offering an additional 30%. I was like a kid in a candy. However, I did exhibit some self control and limited myself to two pairs.

Here is what I purchased...

Aren't they lovely?
And here's the best part...I purchased the boots for $49 (Originally $150) and the heels for $28 (Originally $69)

If there isn't a Bandolino store near, check out their website. They're offering the same additional 30% off there as well as free shipping on orders over $25. One downside is that they don't sell all their products online, as I saw a few more things in store (such as the boots I purchased).

UrbanOutfitters.com: Take Additional 25% Off

I went online this morning and decided to look around UrbanOutfitters.com. Once I got to their site, I was greeted by this lovely little picture. They're taking an additional 25% off their already on sale items! I love Urban Outfitters but their stuff can definitely get a little pricey. This extra 25% will help me feel a little less guilty...I just love their cute stuff!

P.S. I've been eyeing this sexy little black dress

With the extra discount, comes out to only $15! Score for me!


Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

It's that time again...Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale! It starts tomorrow, December 29th. Prices on bras, panties, and beauty items are marked down up to 60% off. Once upon a time, I worked at VS (which in itself deserves a whole other posting...). I had the pleasure (insert sarcasm) of working during a Semi-Annual Sale which I must say was almost frightening. I literally saw two grown adult women fighting over a clearance bra on the sales floor. So my advice to you would be to get there early. The best things from the sale are usually gone in the first couple of days. Don't bother trying anything on in the fitting rooms as the wait will most likely be longer than usual. Just purchase it, try it at home and return whatever you don't like since these sale items are not final sale. Also, they usually have some kind of promotion like a free gift bag for the first how-ever-many customers. So if you're an early bird, make sure you check out the deals.

However, if you want to skip all the madness, shop online at the website. They usually have some great discounts too (and free shipping if you order over $100). Also, you don't have to take the risk of being trampled by crazy shoppers.

Have fun everyone!


Ann Taylor Loft: After Christmas Sale

I braved the crowded streets of New York City today in search of after Christmas deals. I wandered into Ann Taylor Loft, enticed by the huge 70% off sign outdoors. I love a good deal but this was just outrageous...sweaters for $10, pinstripe dress pants $17, flats (pictured above!) $10. Yes, I scored some pretty amazing deals today. Check it out at your nearby Ann Taylor Loft if you can. The online deals don't seem to be as great as the in-store ones (If you must shop online though, use coupon code 10601376, it'll give you an extra 20% off and free shipping).

Also, if anyone lives in NYC, I hear the Ann Taylor Loft in Soho is closing down....which means an extra 25% off...yes, which means everything is practically free!

Happy After-holiday Bargain Shopping Everyone!


Deal Alert: BeautyCrunch.com

One of my good friends recently introduced me to this website. I gave it a try and it turned out to be a great little company. I love high end products but unfortunately being in school and all, I can barely afford any of it. Here's where Beauty Crunch comes in handy. Operating out of sunny Cali, the company offers discounted high end brands at deep discount. And just because they're discounted doesn't mean they're no good. Companies need to make room for new products lines somehow and so they have to get rid of some of their old stuff. Beauty Crunch has a changing inventory, depending on what's out there and from what I've seen so for, it's been really good stuff. Right now, they offering discounted Stila products at a fraction of the price. There's also free shipping if you spend over $50.

Check out the deals at beautycrunch.com

Holiday Gift Guide: Glamour Tweezers

It's that time of the year again. While I love the holiday season, one of the most difficult parts is finding the perfect present. So while shopping for my girlfriends, I came across these adorable tweezers which I thought would be perfect for my beauty obsessed friends. I ordered the Glamour Girl Red and it's absolutely the cutest thing. It has a small suction cup holder so it can sit right on top of your dresser. It also looks much better compared to my boring old tweezerman. It's a great gift for your friend/sister/significant other/ etc. It does cost $20 + shipping, which is a little pricey for tweezers. However when it comes to gift giving, you just can't put a price on creativity.

Check out the tweezers and other creative presents at http://www.brightfungifts.com/tweezers.html


Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation

A couple months ago, I read in Allure that Maybelline’s Mineral Power Foundation was very comparable to high end brands. Naturally, I was intrigued and a bit skeptical. I’m a firm believer that (if you can) you should splurge on some of the more important things, such as moisturizer and foundation, and save on other things, such as eyeliner. However, a great deal at CVS gave me reason to try it out. It comes in alot of shades (16 to be exact). I choose Light 1 for myself. Now, I don’t usually wear foundation on normal. My skin is fairly smooth and clear so I don’t see any reason to cover it up. But I decided to try the next day as part of my daily routine. Turns out (to my surprise) that I really like it! It provides very sheer and natural coverage that you can build up depending on you’re preference. It also gives your face a great subtle glow. Its fragrance-free and has SPF. I also really love the packaging- it comes in a squeeze bottle where you can easily control how much product comes out. And at less than $10 a bottle, it’s a great replacement to other mineral foundations.

Deal Alert: M.A.C 25% off Holiday Collection

If you love makeup, you’re sure to be a fan of MAC. Now, the problem is whether or not you can afford it. In the spirit of the holidays, MAC is offering 25% off their holiday collection. Adoring Carmine Lip Sets are marked down to $25.88, eye shadow palettes to $28.50, and (my personal fave) brush sets down to $37.13

One set that I would recommend getting is the MAC Adoring Carmine Basic Brush set. It features 5 brushes: 129SE Blush Brush, 219SE Pencil Brush, 239SE Eye Shading Brush, 266SE Small Angle Brush, 316SE Lip Brush. The 129 is one of my favorite brushes made by MAC. It’s a perfect face brush for blush and powder.The brushes are smaller than the regular MAC brushes which makes it perfect for travel. The brushes are also a beautiful shade of red. The set also comes with two adorable red satin pouches, one for all your makeup and one specifically for you’re brushes.One downside to this is that they’re machine manufactured while the regular MAC brushes are hand made. However, this is a perfect starter set. Plus, you can never have too many brushes!

P.S. Free shipping on all holiday collection orders!

Visit maccosmetics.com