Must Have | The Wet Brush

Even though I love shopping for makeup, clothing, shoes, etc., one thing I've never been too excited to shop for is hair products. I'm a pretty simple gal when it comes to hair - my general routine consists of a wash every other day with the occasional need for a hair straightener when it gets a little unruly. I'm pretty lucky that my hair is pretty low maintenance but one thing that always frustrates me is how much of it I actually have! It's a pain to de-tangle after every wash and I end up combing out what seems like chunks of it. So when I heard all this buzz around The Wet Brush, I just had to try it. I've had multiple people tell me how much they love this brush for de-tangling. I purchased it on Amazon ($14 MSRP) and it comes in many fun colors, though I choose the basic black. It's just about the size of a regular brush but also comes in a travel size if you want one to bring along with you for trips.

Now, let me tell you, this brush is a game changer. It's really the perfect brush for de-tangling wet hair. I can't really explain why but it just works. The bristles are thin plastic and each are tipped with with a rounded plastic coating. They work their way through wet hair like magic, without any of the pain from the pulling and tugging of regular brushes. I also love the design of the brush itself. The entire brush is rubberized so it feels great in your hand.

I have yet to try this on dry hair but it would probably do the job as well. Do your hair at favor and pick one of these up! You can find them on their website or Amazon.com.

*This post is not sponsored and based on my own honest opinion.

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