Free Every Day Shipping & Returns at Nordstrom!

Great news y'all! Nordstorm has just introduced free shipping and returns everyday! Yup, no code needed and no expiration. When I saw this, I was definitely really excited. First off, I live in NYC, where there is no Nordstrom nearby. I love to shop their site but hate spending money to ship things back that don't fit. Secondly, I'm a fickle shopper, so I can make my decision later with free returns. Thanks Nordstrom for this one! Now let's hope Bloomies, Macy's, and the rest of them follow suit.


Spring Cleaning for Your Makeup

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend, bringing in the unofficial start to summer! I can't believe June is almost around the corner and in preparation for warmer weather, it's time for some spring cleaning. My makeup stash in particular needs some attention. I'm a bit of a hoarder. Hence, the baby blue eyeshadow still sitting in my drawer. But I do need to go through my makeup bag and toss away a few things. Particularly since I have sensitive skin, it's important to throw away old or expired makeup which can cause irritations, breakouts, or eye infections. It's hard to keep track of when to toss because products do not have a expiration date (unlike your milk or bread). Here are some general rule of thumbs:

When to Toss..
Mascara 3 Months
Foundation 1 Year
Concealer 1-1.5 Years
Powder 1.5 Years
Blush/Bronzer 1.5 Years
Eyeliner 1.5 Years
Lipstick / lip gloss 1.5 Years
Lip liner 1 Year

Of course, if you're makeup is changing color, consistency, or smell, it's probably safest to just toss. After all your cleaning, you'll have more space in your collection for brand new stuff!