Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

So it's that time of the year! As the school year ends, I'm prepping to move out of my apartment and head back home. A bit sad but that's a story for a whole other post. Anyways, I've come to realize that I have alot of STUFF... so much so that one person cannot realistically use it all. So I've decided to give some of it away to any of my readers who are willing to take it.

Here's the first batch of stuff I put together for the giveaway: Revlon Nails, ELF Studio Eyeshadow, Coastal Scents Mini Kabuki Brush, Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation Sample in Light, YoYo Lip Gloss, + MANY samples. (All products are new)

I know it's not much but I'm hoping to divide my stuff among a few different winners so everyone can get something. I think I'll be having either another giveaway in the near future to give out another batch of stuff or I will just pick 2 or more winners from this giveaway. Anyways, here's how to enter:
  1. Follow my blog (link located in the right sidebar)
  2. Leave a comment with your name and email address (please make sure you are logged in and use the same email as the one you used to follow this blog). And voila, you're entered!
  3. For one additional entry, you can post this on your blog or twitter (Include the link to the post with your name and email in a separate comment)
Giveaway will end one week from today on May 6th at 9PM EST. Open to those in the US only. Winner will be chosen randomly and I will be in contact through email.

Good luck on finals to those in school and thanks for reading!

Little Miss Savvy


Good for the Environment Finds on Earth Day!

If you don't already know, today, April 22nd, is Earth Day- a day to think about our everyday lives and see how we can change it to create a sustainable earth for our future. Many beauty companies are chipping in and having Earth Day events to promote greener products and packaging. Here are some of my finds (Click on links for more info):

Ecotools "Look Gorgeous, Love Green" Campaign

"To encourage women to get gorgeously green with their beauty routine, EcoTools will collect used cosmetic brushes and bath + body care products to swap them for an EcoTools alternative. The Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign strives to show women that EcoTools will keep them stunning – and sustainable.

Examples of swap items include
Makeup brushes
Body Wash and Scrub
Body Lotions
Hand Creams
Body Mist"

Origins Earth Day Trade (Today Only!)

"FREE full-size cleanser! One day only at Origins – Earth Day 4/22.

Now swap potentially harsh chemical ingredients for the purity of Origins. Bring your current skincare product (full or empty) to any Origins store and we’ll trade it for a FULL-SIZE of one of our gentle, high-performance cleansers.

Choose either Checks and Balances™ Frothy face wash 5 fl. oz./150 ml or A Perfect World™ Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea 5 fl. oz./150 ml.

Just bring in your current skincare – any full or empty tube, bottle or jar regardless of brand – to any U.S. Origins department store counter or Retail Store location on April 22nd to be recycled or responsibly converted to energy. "


Juicy Couture Day on HauteLook!

Hey guys!
It's Juicy Couture Day on HauteLook! I have no idea what that means but it seems like there will be LOADS of Juicy Couture things on sale such as handbags, jewelry, and apparel. If you're interested in the brand, be sure to check it out...starts today at 11AM EST.


Allergic to Sunscreen

As I've mentioned before, I have VERY sensitive skin. On a few occasions, my my face has turned into a flaming tomato because I wanted to try out a new beauty product. Recently, I ran into another skin problem and thought I'd blog about it in case anyone has the same problem. I've been using Olay Complete Sensitive Skin with SPF as my day moisturizer for a while now. I had run out and went to the drugstore to pick up a new bottle. Little did I know that they recently changed their formula. I'm allergic to common active ingredients found in sunscreen, such as oxybenzone and avobenzone. It's especially hard for me to find moisturizers I could use as I'd prefer one with SPF 15. Olay's new formula included avobenzone, which it did not in the past. I didn't bother to do a double-check of it's ingredients since I used this product before. Unfortunately for me, I woke up the next day with red, flaky, and irritated skin. It's been a few days and though my skin is still a bit red and dry, it's much better. Being allergic to sunscreen is a form of "contact dermatitis"- or basically your skin being allergic to an irritant. Through research and dermatologist consultations, I found that the best sunscreens for me use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. For days to the beach, I use Neutrogena's Sensitive Skin Sunblock lotion, which uses these ingredients. Now that Olay retooled their formula, I had to find a new everyday face lotion. So far, I've found a lotion from Eucerin and a CVS brand lotion that I could use. I haven't tried it yet but hopefully it'll work out. If you are interested in learning more about sunscreens and contact dermatitis, read this article on About: Sunscreen Allergy. It's been really helpful for me in learning about my skin condition.

Hope this helped someone out there! Have a great weekend everyone!


Free Shipping at ASOS

Lots of deals this holiday weekend!!

ASOS is having free shipping on all orders to the US through April 5th! ASOS is a fashion retailer based in the UK. They have some really adorable clothing but I have yet to purchase anything from them...until now. I've been eying this Chanel-esque purse ($25.64) for awhile but didn't want to fork over the $6 for shipping. Now that it's free, I've finally decided to cave in and get it. I love the light mink color...looks great for spring/summer. Not too sure about the quality but I'll definitely let you guys know how it is when I receive it. FYI...they say that I should receive my package by April 15th, so it takes about 2 weeks if you live in the states.

Did you score any good deals this weekend?
-Little Miss Savvy


Weekend Sale at AE!

Hey guys, just wanted to share this sale with you all...American Eagle is having free shipping on all orders now through Sunday. On top of that, you can use the code 83461705 for an extra 30% off clearance items.

Happy shopping!