Ann Taylor Loft: After Christmas Sale

I braved the crowded streets of New York City today in search of after Christmas deals. I wandered into Ann Taylor Loft, enticed by the huge 70% off sign outdoors. I love a good deal but this was just outrageous...sweaters for $10, pinstripe dress pants $17, flats (pictured above!) $10. Yes, I scored some pretty amazing deals today. Check it out at your nearby Ann Taylor Loft if you can. The online deals don't seem to be as great as the in-store ones (If you must shop online though, use coupon code 10601376, it'll give you an extra 20% off and free shipping).

Also, if anyone lives in NYC, I hear the Ann Taylor Loft in Soho is closing down....which means an extra 25% off...yes, which means everything is practically free!

Happy After-holiday Bargain Shopping Everyone!

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