Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale

It's that time again...Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale! It starts tomorrow, December 29th. Prices on bras, panties, and beauty items are marked down up to 60% off. Once upon a time, I worked at VS (which in itself deserves a whole other posting...). I had the pleasure (insert sarcasm) of working during a Semi-Annual Sale which I must say was almost frightening. I literally saw two grown adult women fighting over a clearance bra on the sales floor. So my advice to you would be to get there early. The best things from the sale are usually gone in the first couple of days. Don't bother trying anything on in the fitting rooms as the wait will most likely be longer than usual. Just purchase it, try it at home and return whatever you don't like since these sale items are not final sale. Also, they usually have some kind of promotion like a free gift bag for the first how-ever-many customers. So if you're an early bird, make sure you check out the deals.

However, if you want to skip all the madness, shop online at the website. They usually have some great discounts too (and free shipping if you order over $100). Also, you don't have to take the risk of being trampled by crazy shoppers.

Have fun everyone!

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