Bandolino: Take Additional 30% off

I love shoes. Pair that with a great deal and I'm in heaven. I went into Bandolino yesterday (for you New Yorkers, there is a store on 43rd and Madison). They were having an amazing sale. Shoes were already marked down about 50% and they were offering an additional 30%. I was like a kid in a candy. However, I did exhibit some self control and limited myself to two pairs.

Here is what I purchased...

Aren't they lovely?
And here's the best part...I purchased the boots for $49 (Originally $150) and the heels for $28 (Originally $69)

If there isn't a Bandolino store near, check out their website. They're offering the same additional 30% off there as well as free shipping on orders over $25. One downside is that they don't sell all their products online, as I saw a few more things in store (such as the boots I purchased).

1 comment:

  1. i love the detailing on the pumps!
    great buy for that cost :)