Review: Shoes on a Shoestring

I've been on the hunt for these boots ever since I saw them on the most addictive site ever, soompi (shoutout to fellow soompiers!). I found them in January on this site call shoesonashoestring.com. They were 49.50 (+ $8 shipping) at the time so I was a little hesitant to get them. But then I noticed they were "yellow tag"- which means that those items are discounted at the first of every month until they sell out. So either you can wait til its cheaper and risk the item selling out in your size or just buy it. I waited a couple weeks and once February 1st came, the price dropped to 27.50!!! I was beyond thrilled and purchased them right away. Service and shipping was flawless- received the item about a week later. And I have been absolutely in love with these boots since I got them. Shoes on a Shoestring has a great selection of boots on yellow tag right now so check it out! I suggest waiting a few months to see how cheap these boots actually get. Maybe you can start stocking up for next winter!


  1. thats sumthing i MUST check out hehe happy Vday hun!

  2. Thanks for the review. I'm looking at buying a pair of shoes from there and couldn't find much info on the website. Sadly the shoes I want aren't yellow tagged.

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