One Year Mark!

I've reached the one year mark of of my blog officially today! YAY! It's been a shaky year with blogging. I love it, I do but sometimes I find it hard to keep up between school, work, family, friends, etc. I took a hiatus for a few months- had a great summer, just finished off the fall semester, and now I'm back in NYC enjoying the holidays. In the mist of it all, I've been planning to come back to my blog. Now that I'm home and have extra time on my hands, I've decided to pick it back up. Thank you all who have been reading since the beginning and waited so patiently for updates. I'm back and hopefully, this time it will be for good (I'll make a conscious effort, I promise!!). I'm also sporting a new layout, I've been playing around with it for a bit and now I think I'm happy with how it looks. Tell me what you guys think!

Moving on...if you're a Beauty Insider at Sephora, you might have received a $15 Gift Card through your emails. Here's what I bought with mine:

Sephora by O.P.I.'s Metro Chic. And yes, with it came 25+ sheets on tissue paper. Sephora, care to be a little more green in the future? (By the way, the color is gorgeous!)

I also stopped by my local Rite Aid and picked this up...

Isn't it cute? It's an EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit. Nothing will ever compare to Burt's Bees in my book but I'm also a sucker for nice packaging.

Have a great weekend all!
- Little Miss Savvy


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  2. the lip balm is adorableee. i want it

  3. try chapstick naturals. best babies i've ever used. they're so emollient, it's unbelievable.

    i tried EOS (waste of money) and burt's bee (don't know why there's such a hype) but cheap and effective Chapstick Naturals are for keep. but keep in mind: they're only for serious lip afflicted individuals. meaning: only use them if you want really really luscious, kiss-worthy smoochers.

    otherwise, ehhh, regular products will do =]

    *don't wanna sound too arrogant, but when i believe in a product, this is what happens. forgive me.

  4. ^thanks for the info! i actually have really sensitive skin so i try to use more natural products. i'm actually allergic to chapstick but the chapsticks natural might have a more gentle formula. maybe i'll try that out.