Review: Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Toner

I purchased the Lettuce & Cucumber Toner by Skin Food a month or so ago from Sasa.com. It costs about $13 (they were offering free shipping at the time). Before this, I had been using L'Oreal Hydrafresh Toner- I wasn't completely satisfied with it but I had never really found a toner I really loved. When I began using the Skin Food toner, I immediately noticed a difference. Other toners left my skin feeling clean yet dry, which is a problem for me in the winter. This toner made my skin feel refreshed. It's light and not too heavy so it doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin completely. The product's consistency is different from most traditional 'watery', liquid toner. It has a thicker, more gel like consistency. It also has a nice cooling effect (maybe the cucumber part?). I'm glad I stumbled upon this toner- it leaves my skin feeling clean and clear without drying it out.

My only problem with this product is the packaging. The bottle opening has a stopper with hole in the middle- where the product is meant to come out. However, because of the thicker consistency of the product, this makes it different to get the product out of the bottle. I've had to shake the bottle up and down with force before I got it onto a cotton ball (and even then it was barely enough). Maybe this is a way to make you use the right amount of product each time? I'm not sure but I am thinking about removing the stopper to make things easier.

Overall, I'm really liking this but I have to give it a few more tries. I'm not too excited about the price- it costs $13, without shipping. I'm also not sure if you can find Skin Food in the US, does anyone know?

Thanks! - Little Miss Savvy

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