Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Stand

Throughout my shopping these past couple of months, I've been keeping an eye out for things I could use as presents. One of the things I've come across are jewelry stands. I think they make great gifts for any female friend, sister, co-worker, etc. For one, they're completely practical- I hate when I get a gift that I have no use for (if you're not a significant other, you shouldn't be getting someone a stuffed animal). I've been collecting jewelry over the past couple of years and a jewelry stand has made everything so much more easier and organized. Second, a jewelry stand can also be a great decoration piece for any room- there are some really beautiful ones out there. And lastly, they're affordable- you can buy one for under $30. Check out the ones below from Urban Outfitters:
Another great place to find jewelry stands is on Ebay, where you can find some for under $15.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


  1. heyyy. nice to see yu back after a long hiatus =]

    love your blog!! keep it up!!


  2. those are pretty wonderful looking jewelry stands.

    but for something more creative, and possibly even cheaper, use votive candle holders (you read that right).

    a friend of mine used those votive candle holder trees (where they have more than one branch for a candle) as jewelry stands. and yet another (if you're ghetto *ahem* creative enough with resources) used her windowsill (with those crisscrossing fences, if you know what I mean) as her jewelry guide.