What Not to Buy: Avon Mini Glimmersticks

I made a purchase at Avon recently during their big end-of-the-year clearance/sale/etc. I usually love Avon. Their products are cheap, decent quality, and not tested on animals...what more could a girl ask for? What caught my eye were these "Mini" Glimmersticks. It had great reviews (which now I am starting to suspect are fake, who knows?) and cost only 69 cents. Wow, I thought, what a steal. So I bought two, one in brown and the other in blue, thinking I had just scored the deal of the year. A few days later my shipment arrived and out came this...

Yes, that is the actual size of the product next to my pinkie. And I do have small hands. When they said "mini", that's quite an understatement. I didn't know that they actually meant one time use. They were .0014 oz each. I think most samples are bigger than that. The quality of the product (which is nothing to rave about) doesn't make up for the size either.

Well, after I got over the initial shock of how microscopic my new eyeliner was, I remembered why I bought it in the first place: 69 cents. Yup, no harm done to my bank account. And I guess it would be a good travel size item?


  1. I hadn't realized that they were THAT tiny! wow

    I've got sensitive skin too, but I think as I'm aging, the skin has been toughening, cause I am able to take a lot more than I used to in my teens. That or I'm just getting lucky. Though I'm still prone to my stress outbreaks :T

  2. ooo.. thanks for the review! i almost bought this.. >_>

  3. My mom had these in the 80s - they have always been that size!

  4. Thanks for letting me know about Smashbox and your views on it~
    Unfortunately the free shipping is only for the States :(
    It's $10 to Canada, which would mean it would be better for me to buy it at Sephora or something :)
    Is there anything specific you can recommend though? I only know from watching their sort of informercial on the products~