88 Piece Warm Shadow Eye Palette


I had been eying a similar palette on Coastal Scents for some time now. I was Ebay browsing one day and found this. I couldn't resist and finally caved. It looks very similar to the Coastal Scents palette (I suspect it might be the same thing!). Tried a couple colors today and the payoff is great! (Definitely use with a primer though). It is selling on Ebay for $9.99 plus $8.98 for shipping (it ships from Asia so shipping will take awhile). At around 19 bucks, it is at least $6 cheaper than the Coastal Scents palette. Going to go and play around with it, more reviews to come!

P.S. I'm shopping around for a new camera, any suggestions?

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  1. hurray for an update XD
    kept you on my google reader just in case, and glad i did~
    I actually bought one like urs online, but unfortunately for my mother (who took it from me while I took a break from using it) was allergic or something, cause it made her lids VERY puffy...we didn't realize it was the shadow cause it was kinda gradual. But just giving you a heads up, though I hope that its not like that for you. I think I got just a fluky crap one >_<
    anyway welcome back!