Sasa Haul

Awhile back, I got an offer from Paypal: $20 cashback if I shopped at select stores, Sasa being one of them. Before this I had never heard of Sasa before but I asked around and a couple people told me it was the "Sephora of Asia". I love Sephora so this really excited me. Their website has tons and tons of items, both higher and lower end, so it took me awhile to look through it all. I decided to stick with the Asian brands and things that I wouldn't be able to get in the US. So here are the things that I chose.....

I got two Papier Poudre Oil Sheets. They are made in Great Britain and had great reviews. And on top of that they only 80 cents each!

Next up, I needed a new toner. There were a bunch of brands I had never heard of so I decided to go with something familar: Shiseido deLuxe Moisturizing toner. I haven't tried it yet but it smells great. Price: $7.50
I had come across this blush on someone else blog and instantly fell in love. It's BeautyMaker Kevin Love PuPu Cheek in Pink ($10.20). I am a sucker for cute packaging so I had to get it even though I have 375482075893475 blushes already. Although the size was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, the packaging itself is just too adorable, reminds me of Hello Kitty. The blush itself is also great- it looks very pink in the pan which scared me a little when I looked at it. However, when I applied it, it gave me a great pink flush. A definite buy!

Lastly, I need something to past the $20 mark so I could use the paypal coupon so I got a set of the Eyebrow Razor by Cosme. I had seen a few gurus on youtube use it. I tried it and its great for trimming down your eyebrows a little. And it isn't weird or scary at all to put a razor that close to your eye.

Sasa also had a another promotion going on: Free shipping for those who pay with paypal and a free cookie compact mirrow. So after all the promotions, I ended up getting all these for less than a $1. Needless to say, I'm a happy girl!


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