Review: Everyday Minerals Brushes

I am a big fan of mineral makeup. For everyday wear, I'm a pretty minimalist kind of girl. Who really has 20 minutes to spare in the morning for makeup when you can be getting some extra ZzZ's? I find mineral makeup to be the easiest to apply. No need to blend- buff away and you're ready to go out the door. While I've never really been a big fan of Everyday Minerals foundation (sorry but Bare Escentuals for the win here), I have to say that I really do love their brushes. It's hard to find a good quality brush without paying a whole not- I'm really the kind of person ready to shell out $50 on a makeup brush. Yes yes I know they will last you for years and years- but really, $50? (Yea, it's the cheapo in me talking) So when I fell upon these Everyday Minerals face brushes, I knew I was onto something. I own two of their face brushes- the flat top and the long handled Kabuki. I use the flat top to apply mineral foundation and it worksbuffs like a dream. The bristles are very soft and dense (check out the picture above- sorry for the dirty brush). It also provides great coverage (for a lighter coverage I would suggest using the Kabuki). It also works great for a powder. It costs $11 dollars- $8 more than the ELF Studio Powder Brush (which I also love) but you get the better quality. Now, I haven't really used the long handled Kabuki (and I'm also confused as to why its called a LONG handled Kabuki) so I'm kinda hesitant to give any review on it but its just as soft as the flat top so I think I will be very happy with it once I put it to good use. It will also cost you a dollar more. These brushes are also really great for traveling- they fit right in the palm of my hand and probably in any makeup. For more information about how to purchase, check out www.everydayminerals.com.

FYI...all purchased by me!


  1. I have the EDM Flat Top Brush and love it!

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