Remembering Alexander McQueen

As many of you may have heard, the fashion world suffered a tremendous loss today with the death of Alexander McQueen, apparantly due to suicide. He was only 4o years old. McQueen had been building quite a career for himself over the past 15 years, creating designs that were avant-garde, bold, and different. He was controversial and unconventional. Everything he designed was so imaginative and made from complete creativity. His clothes were interesting, romantic, and elegant but also had a dark edge to it. When I heard the news, I was stunned. McQueen was so young but gone too soon- he had so much more to do and give. It saddens me we've lost such a talented person today. His clothes were like art that had so much mystery and personality to it- you would see something different in it everytime. He will definitely be missed in the world of fashion.

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