What Not To Buy: LoveMyShoes.com

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased two pairs of boots from Lovemyshoes.com. I had viewed their website a few times but never ordered anything from them prior. However, they were having a sale on these White Mountain Juggler Boots- $19.97 final sale. Seemed like a good deal as I had seen them in department stores and liked them. When they came, I immediately knew something was fishy. When I touched them, they made this crinkling sound- I realized there seemed to be an extra sheet of plastic sewn into the boot between the interior fur and the exterior. When I put it on and tested it, the sound was ridiculously loud- no way I would be able to wear this outside and not be embarrassed. I held off contacting Customer Service until I saw another pair of these in real life. I was in DSW the other day and the Juggler boots they had did not have the extra plastic and made no sound. So I decided to go ahead and contact customer service and request a refund as the shoes were defective/damaged (or bootleg? hmmm). Initially they told me to send them pictures- but how could I send them pictures of a defect that wasnt't visible? After I pointed that out, they immediately denied me a refund and said their shoes come straight from the manufacturer and are "inspected" before they are shipped- which must not be true since mine were defective. I wouldn't accept that as an answer and argued some more. Finally, they said I could ship back the shoes and attach a note and then they would inspect it. Are they serious? Basically, they were expecting me to spend $10 to ship the shoes back to them and I was still not guaranteed a refund. This has been by far the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Any other company would have been apologetic and immediately issued a refund (especially since all they had to do was refund $19.97 back and keep a customer happy). So lesson of the day guys, don't purchase anything from lovemyshoes.com!

Has anyone else ever purchased from them before? What was your experience?


  1. you should've read:


    before you bought from them =/

    they're known for horrible customer service

  2. I'm glad you posted this, because it's good to know where to watch out for. There's too many scams on the internet. Thank you for telling us!