What's in My Bag?

Ok so, for some odd reason, I love finding out what people carry in their bags. I do somewhat feel like a stalker or peeping tom but hey, it's interesting right? I've gotten a couple ideas in the past just by seeing what people carry with them. I've received a few requests to do this and at first, I felt kind of ridiculous doing it...but what the hell, here it is! For everday, I carry this black Zara bag that I bought in the Summer of '09. It's the perfect size for me for school/ shopping/ etc.

Here are the main things in my bag:

1. Notebook/ Binder
2. Pepper Spray (for those scary late nights! lol)
3. iPod Touch
4. "Makeup" Bag
5. Pencil Case
6. Wallet

I really don't carry that much in my bag. When it gets too messy, it's too difficult and aggravating to find things.

Now here's what's in my "makeup bag". I put that in quotations because I hardly ever carry makeup with me, maybe just a concealer and lip gloss from time to time.
1. C.O Bigelow Rose Salve
2. Bath and Body Works Hand Lotion
3. Mirror
4. Hair tie
5. Blotting Sheets
5. Tissues (in its cute vita soy bag)
6. Hand Sanitzer
7. Tide Pen

So there it is girls. Nothing too crazy or interesting. What are some things you guys must always have with you in your bags?

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  1. Very minimal =) I love your bag! It has a beautiful design and I love the 2 handle style too

  2. your bag is beautiful! I only cary the essentials with me: my wallet, phone, mirror, keys, blotting sheets and lip balm.