How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair

My hair is a mess during the summertime. Literally, a hot mess. The fluctuations in weather and humidity wreak havoc on my strands. I generally have oily hair and it only seems to get worse in the summertime. I’ve tried numerous different approaches – some have worked and others have been a complete failure. From testing out different products and routines to asking others for advice, I’ve tried it all. Here are some of my tips for battling greasy hair:

  • Use Dry Shampoo – I get the urge to wash my hair every single day in the summer to get rid of the excess oil and grease. However, I know that doing that really isn’t good for my hair – after all, I would be washing away all the natural oils that are actually good. I’ve started using a dry shampoo and while it’s not the same as a full wash, it works great as a refresher in between washes. My personal favorite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo.

  • Tie It Up – I have a horrible habit of running my fingers through my hair. The oils and dirt from my hands then get on my hair, making the oily situation even worse. I do it subconsciously so it’s difficult to stop. I find that when I tie my hair up, I do it less. So put it up in a ponytail or a bun. It’ll also look great for summer.

  • Use natural shampoos - One thing I’ve heard from multiple people is the importance to using shampoos with good for you ingredients. Hair is actually much more delicate than you may think and many chemicals found in shampoos are actually too strong. Try to find one without sulfates.

  • Don’t Wash Too Frequently – As I mentioned, if I could wash my hair every day, I would. But you shouldn’t. Washing your hair stimulates the glands in your scalp, which can cause more oil production. My routine is now every other day, with some dry shampoo in between.

Everyone’s scalp is different so the most important part is finding the right routines and products for you. Go ahead and test out different things to see what works.

Do you have any tips for battling greasy hair during the summertime?

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