TGIF | Week In Review

Oh yes I do like to exercise...occasionally...when I'm not tired...or hungry....or sleepy. Yea, nevermind.

This week was a hot one in New York. We're currently in the middle of a heatwave and temperatures have reached 100. Personally, I hate New York in the summertime. Hot, humid, and lots of people. It's gross, particularly rush hour on the subway - think armpits in your face gross. 

On a non-weather related note, I signed up for Elance this week, a website where you can find freelance jobs instantly. I've applied to a few jobs and have heard back from one, which I think is pretty good considering I just started. I'm thinking about writing a review on this site once I play around with it a little more, will keep you posted!

As for this weekend, I don't have much planned (except for errands) and will play it by ear. I foresee a lot of staying at home and chilling with the good ol' AC time. 

And lastly, for my July goals, it's been a hit or miss. I've actually been pretty good about eating in and I think I'm going to hit my goal of doing that 3 times this week. As for working out, that has been a huge miss. Haven't done a single thing this week. I find it so hard to motivate myself. How do you guys do it!? I also haven't signed up yet for driving lessons either but I will do it next week whens it's not to hot (I blame everything on the weather).

Here is a recap of my posts this week in case you missed it:
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Happy Friday, stay cool and have a great weekend!


  1. This was too funny. Basically love exercise when you have nothing better to do...like never lol. As for as motivation I usually set some goals to achieve the bigger ones. Like I want to eat better but I started this month with just drinking water instead of trying to change everything up. Maybe instead of exercising say you will do one activity per week - walking, bike riding, volleyball. Take out watching a show and replace it with exercise if you watch a lot of tv.

    1. Thanks Thomas! That's a great idea, I should take baby steps towards this goal. It will help me ease into a routine of exercising more easily.