Project Runway!

I am still on break from school (Yay for long breaks!) so I have plenty of time to catch up on my favorite shows. One show that I love is Project Runway. Luckily for me, Season 7 will be premiering on Lifetime at 10 PM/ET on January 14th. I love all the fashions, drama, and Tim Gunn. As you can probably tell, I'm really excited for the new season. Season 6 was a total letdown for me- the designers weren't as talented as past seasons and the Los Angeles location didn't work. There just wasn't any glitz, glamour, or excitement. New York is one of the main fashion capitals of the world and you just can't replicate that in Hollywood. From what we know so far about this season, the designers look talented as well as hilarious and the challenges seem bigger than ever. Here's a quick preview of what to expect...

Can't wait!


  1. Do you believe it I have never seen this show?... lol~ I think it's because I don't have cable. :X I've seen the Korean version of this show. Well, the first year they aired in Korea. It's easier for me to download/watch Korean than American shows on cable... lol~

    I'm so glad to hear there is someone visiting my blog from Soompi... lol~ I believe nobody finds my blog interesting from Soompi... lol~ :X

    I don't blame you for not buying any cosmetics-related products. I've been buying a lot lately too. I need to stop... lol~ :X How is your New Year's resolution going? Have you bought anything? How long are you not going to buy any beauty-related products?

  2. Of course you can add me onto your blogroll. I'm actually flavored you want to add me... hehe~ :) I already added you, as well as, following your blog.

    Which Milani palette did you get? I ended returning one of them, Sedona Sunset. I didn't like it much on me... hehe~ I do love the Touch of Brown, as well as, the other Milani palettes I have. Which Rimmel blush did you get?