Target Launches "The Great Save"

I recently read an article in Women's Wear Daily about a new wearhouse club event at Target called "The Great Save". Essentially, Target is offering prices and products found at many warehouse clubs such as Costco in their very own stores. You will be able to purchases toilet paper, cereal, and other goods in bulk without having to pay for the club membership fee. What makes this event so great is that Target will be introducing brands not normally sold at their stores. According to WWD, there will be Ralph Lauren polos for $25 and Ed Hardy gear starting at $35. Target is planning to use their seasonal merchandise section in stores for this event. I've read conflicting things about which Target stores will be participating- anywhere from 1,000 to all stores. It would probably be best to call in ahead of time before making a trip there. The event will last until February 21st. I'm personally really excited to check this out and see what they have to offer. I've heard crazy things about what some people find at these warehouse clubs (Chanel bag at Costco?). I've always been kind of intrigued by these retailers but never really needed anything in bulk. It might be interesting to get a taste of it without have to pay for the membership fees. I'm also interested to see what Target has to offer- they've had some great designer collaborations of late (Rodarte!). Who knows, maybe we'll find some nice designer items for less!


  1. Oh this sounds great! I wonder if my Target will take part in this "The Great Save." Do you know if there's a website we can check to see if our Target is taking part in this?

  2. i believe the event is at all store but i'm not sure. if you want to double check, it's probably best to call your local target.