Do I Really Need Toner?

Today, beauty regimens have been getting more and more complex. Personally, I love trying out new products and end up with having 10 different things to put on my face before I go to bed. That got me thinking, is all this stuff really necessary? So after breaking it all down, you should end up with the 3 steps that we all hear about over and over again: cleanse, tone, moisturizer (in the morning, I add sunscreen in addition to that). While I would say you should cleanse and moisturize at the bare minimum, do we really need to use a toner? While many people swear by it, the answer is no. I actually love toner and the way refreshes my skin so I probably wouldn't skip it. But toner really isn't necessary if you have a good cleanser. It's main purpose is to remove traces of makeup, dirt, and oil that your cleanser didn't get. It also became popular back in the day when we didn't really have the quality of cleansers that we do today. Some people like how it makes their skin feel tight but that's actually a bad thing since its a sign of dryness. If you have particularly oily skin- toner shouldn't be a problem but rethink it if your skin tends to be dry or sensitive. Also, look for toners that have more sensitive formulas and won't strip your skin of everything, especially natural oils that are actually good for your skin. Stay away from those with alcohol in it and have known irritants. So make sure you cleanse and moisturizer, everything else is just extra.

Do you guys use toner? Why do you like it or why not?


  1. i had no idea about this.. i use a toner just cuz everyone else uses it lol

  2. I do sometimes cos I like the fresh feeling it gives skin but if I ran out of it, I don't rush out to buy it. I can go without it for weeks cos I don't really see any difference to my skin when I use it.

  3. I only use a toner at night after I cleanse. Then again I only cleanse with a cleanser once a day, nights.... hehe~ :X I think having oil on our face is a normal part of life. In the past, we didn't have to wash like we do now. The only reason why I cleanse at night is to remove makeup. I feel like the toner thoroughly cleans my face... wheee~ :)