Say Goodbye to Shu Uemura

Yesterday, L'Oreal announced that they would be pulling Shu Uemura products from stores in the United States and instead focus on online sales. While there is no exact date for when L'Oreal will cease operations in the US, Shu Uemura, known for it's elaborate eyelashes, will begin to disappear from shelves in the coming months. A L'Oreal spokesperson said that the company wants to focus on developing their other high end brands in the U.S. market such as Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent. While this has not be confirmed, Shu Uemura's departure from the U.S. is probably due to it's inability to grab a large market share. I'm pretty sad that we won't be able to find Shu Uemura in stores anymore as I'm a big fan of their eyelash curler and cleansing oil. We'll still be able to purchase it online but it won't be the same. How do you guys feel about this move by L'Oreal?

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