Love & Beauty Nail Polish + Ramble

A few posts back, I blogged about the new hot trend this season...mint nail polish. While I was waiting in line at Forever 21 and bored, I was browsing through the piles of cosmetics from their new "Love & Beauty" line near the registers and spotted this shade...appropriately named Mint. At $2.80, I had to give it test. Turns out I really like it! I loveeeee the color and the quality is pretty good too...might be heading back to F21 for more.

Just an update on my life...I'm back in the city and done with college! Yippeee! I'm really excited for the summer and the start of this next chapter in my life. I definitely have more free time now to blog so hopefully, you guys will be reading more of me in the near future. Let me know if you have any posts you want to see. Don't forget the Missiko giveaway...another 1+ week left. I also have a couple other giveaways lined up for the summer so look out for those. Hope everyone's having a great weekend and enjoying the amazzzzing weather!
Mmmmm....fresh spicy tuna kimbap....I love summer in the city!
Until next time...Little Miss Savvy


  1. lol so after seeing this a few days ago, I made my own. tho basically it was regular sandwich tuna and then shoved into kimbap XD
    it was still good.
    another u shoudl try is tuna mandoo/dumplings.

  2. nicee! i want to learn how to make kimbap. i've tried mandoo (not tuna ones though) and they're really good. starting to really love korean food!