Review: Zac Posen for Target

The Zac Posen for Target collection dropped nearly a month ago but I only saw it at my local Target this week. Needless to say, I was very excited to take a look at everything in person. I love it when designers make lower end lines for us money challenged folk (well, most of the time). Here are some snapshots I took of the collection:

These three dresses were probably my favorite from the line. The black sweater dress is probably one of the most wearable pieces from the collection- it has that "bandage" dress feel if you like that kind of look. Hugs to your body, very sexy (though can be a bit sheer). I also really liked the look for the floral dress, very cute and adorable and perfect for spring. I was a bit confused by the zipper on the chest but I guess it adds a little spunk. Didn't fit great on me but I'm sure it does on someone. My favorite one was the "snap tape" blue dress. I love the color of it and the black "snap tape"- gave the dress an edgier look. It was well made and fit great- I'm short and it wasn't too long on me at all.

I also thought this blue "chambray" dress was cute but at the same time nothing really special. It also really didn't fit right on me. One thing I really didn't like was this pink Zebra print dress- I know some people really love the color but just not my thing I guess? I also liked the sleek, shiny look of the tuxedo pants but they were out of my size so I didn't get to try it on.

Overall, I liked the collection but wasn't overly impressed. I would definitely wear some of the things I saw, though the dresses ran from about $30- $80. Not sure if I want to shell out that much for a dress from Target, even if it's by Zac Posen. In the end, I decided not to pick up anything but maybe I'll give it a second thought next time I'm in target. I did really like this 'Zac' tank though. Really cute! Might go back to pick that up.

Did you guys see the Zac Posen for Target? Like anything? Buy anything? Hated it? Let me know!

-Little Miss Savvy

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