Must Haves: Epistick

Epistick! This product has been much raved about on the web for a while and I just had to throw my 2 cents in. I've been in love with this for some time and have been meaning to write about it, just never got around to it. What is a Epistick you may ask? Also called an epilator sometimes, it removes unwanted hair. This particular one in the picture is used to remove facial hair. It's been all the craze in Japan. You could use it on any part of you face such as your cheek, forehead, chin but I use it above my upper lip...to remove that unwanted "mini-stache". It removes the root of the hair too so the idea is that the hair will grow back less noticeable. All you have to do is bend it by holding one side in each hand and then roll up and down. Let me warn you though...it can be tad bit painful or uncomfortable the first couple times you use it but you will eventually get use to it, just like tweezing. Great thing is that you can find them on eBay for less than $2. It's shipped from overseas so shipping maybe take awhile but well worth it. Here's a video I found on Youtube of the epistick in action (sorry, not sure what they're saying):

P.S. Congrats to Ana... winner for my Spring Cleaning Giveaway!!

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  1. i have this too. it is ALOT ezier than tweezing, although i still use a tweezer b/t my brows